Our Team



sally short

Founder and CEO

Sally is the mother of two and has a PhD in biochemistry. She worked at Children's Hospital and Brown University in cancer research before starting The Roasted Granola. Sally is also a bee keeper in Lexington, makes her own chapstick and likes to garden and craft in her free time. Sally believes that a cup of tea is the cure for almost anything.


emily patel

Founder and CEO

Emily is the mother of three and has worked in computer science and science curriculum development before starting the Roasted Granola. She loves walking her dog Ollie, visiting her family and curling up with a good book. Emily believes that a cup of tea is the cure for almost anything.

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somerset gall

Assistant chef

 Somerset is a recent high school graduate and taking a gap year before starting at the University of Chicago. She loves to travel and will soon embark on a trip around the world!

tara patel

Social media coordinator and website design

When she isn't working for TRG, Tara does research at Dana-Farber. She loves running, reading, hiking and travel!

Kayla Patel

Arts and Marketing coordinator

Kayla is a senior at UCLA, studying environmental biology. She is happiest when she's outside and enjoys hiking, camping, and making art!